Become a member

If you are interested in getting involved, why not become a Member of Croydon Beekeepers’ Association? Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby, and one that makes a very significant contribution to the protection of our wildlife and our environment.

If you do not want to keep bees yourself but would like to support our work, you can become a Friend of Croydon Beekeepers’ Association. Friends are very welcome to attend any of our events and you’d be helping us in our educational work.

You can download a copy of the membership application form – please note the updated subscription rates below. Subscription for each year commences  on the 1st October and includes subscription to two different monthly journals for the year.  If you wish to join after the 1st January please contact us first.

For further information about becoming a Member or Friend please email

Partner Membership is linked to a Full Member

Benefits for Members:

Becoming a Member or Friend provides the opportunity to meet other friendly and interested people and learn more about bees and beekeeping and there are many other benefits including:

  • Local experienced beekeeper contacts near you for help and advice, including ‘mentors’ for those new to beekeeping
  • Weekly meetings at our teaching apiary throughout the summer season (April to October) for both beginners and advanced members
  • Winter beekeeping courses and lectures
  • Monthly club newsletter
  • Access to a library of books about beekeeping
  • Equipment hire including honey extractor
  • Participation in Croydon Honey Show, which provides the opportunity for members to display their bee products, achieve awards and prizes.
  • Microscopy bee health clinics in the spring and autumn. Friends of Croydon Beekeepers Association receive monthly newsletters and are welcome at all our activities.
  • The Membership package also includes the following essentials:
    • A 12 month subscription to BeeCraft worth £28.00 per year
    • Membership of the British Beekeepers’ Association including the journal BBKA News, worth £38.00 per year
    • Insurance against Third Party claims • Bee Disease Insurance to protect against bee loss through disease.

There is more detail about the different classes of membership here.