Winter meeting – Chemical-free beekeeping

Steve Riley will be returning to Croydon to give us an update on Westerham Beekeeper’s chemical-free varroa treatment initiative. Those who attended Steve’s previous talks were fascinated by the techniques he described for staying on top of varroa by mechanical rather than chemical means. Each time we add chemicals to a hive, we upset the balance of the ecosystem inside. The alternative methods that Steve proposes are conceptually simple, but do require a certain amount of beekeeping skill. It will be interesting to hear from Steve how the methods are working out a year on.


Friday 17 January 2020


Refreshments from 7.30, lecture at 8pm
7:30 pm


Free. Donation of £2 to cover venue hire appreciated.
Philippi Lounge, Christ Church Purley


Philippi Lounge, Christ Church Purley
Brighton Road, Purley. CR8 2BN


Joyce Atkinson
020 8657 2817