Resources for members

Library of things

The equipment listed below is available for loan to our members.

Compound microscope x400Pollen identification, disease checksNick O'Toole
Binocolar dissecting microscopeDissection and checking for acarineNick O'Toole
Extractor: manual 4 frameHoney extractor with filters and tankDerek Read
Microscope: 2, 7, 10xPollen identification, disease checksTamar DeVane
Extractor: 9-frame electric radialElectric honey extractorapiary team
Uncapping trayUncapping honey frames prior to extractionapiary team
Foundation mouldMaking wax foundationapiary team
Oxalic vapouriserHive treatment with oxalic acidapiary team
Queen rearing cupkitRearing queensapiary team
RefractometerWater content of honeyJoyce Atkinson
Honey grading glassesAssessing whether honey is "light", "medium", or "dark"Joyce Atkinson

Library of books

The Association also has a range of books available to loan members. A list of these, together with borrowing instructions, will appear in due course.